Friday, October 14, 2011

Transformation Moments _ Presentation at Columbia University September 28, 2011

When talking about transformation, time is a primordial aspect. Change cannot happen in zero seconds so time has been significant for this research about Transformation Moments of New York City.
As a framework, three different scales set up this investigation of New York’s most significant moments of transformation. 

The story starts with the human scale of the young Brooklynite, Klara Schulte. Living in Crown Heights and working in Red Hook where she goes by bike, she meets all the requirements to mark contemporary issues of gentrification, nowadays land use and zoning, and mobility.  

The next scale considers the entire city of New York. In her history three important shifts took place in the Zoning Laws of 1916, 1961 and 2011. Each shift had been preceded by different factors like economy, identity, comfort, migration and safety all with different importance in time.
Two important questions arose. 

Is long-term thinking reduced by the Zoning Resolutions?

Does rezoning change the city’s development or goes it the other way around?

The last scale is about the time scale of all, of the universe and goes back to the Big Bang, 13.7 billion years ago. In this timeline the importance of our present is shown compared to the history of our existence. So questions came up about the effectiveness and importance of nowadays zoning.

Can we develop a method of proactive waiting for an unknown future?

Can we take in account future evolution in this strategy of proactive waiting?

By questioning these four statements some critiques about past and today’s development can be provoked and pull us up short.
To be continued..

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