Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Experiment _ City Experience through Distance and Time

Fulton Street, Brooklyn, is a very diverse street in means of people, vitality, street life, shops,.. But how get people an image of the city by traveling ahead? I Tried. By taking the subway, the bus, bike and by my own feet I traveled along Fulton Street in terms of declining speed. Subway brought me in no time from the Lafayette Avenue Station to Broadway Junction but I didn’t see anything from the city above. Bus was the most boring. Stopping all the time there was no progress and traffic didn’t make any progress. My favorites were biking and walking. Biking all the way down to Broadway Junction I first got the real experience about the traffic in Fulton Street. Driving in between the busy traffic was an experience on its own. By walking the city I started really loving her. Only in this way I got attracted to the city and its vitality, remarking ups and downs in street life. From now on I’ll only walk the streets!

Movies are made by myself and accelerated up to 20 times of normal speed.

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